A complete overhaul to the Resident Section of Smart Parking

Across the world, property managers are using Smart Parking to manage their resident parking spots and their monthly parking passes. Our recent changes will allow these very same property managers to DO MORE and SEE MORE when it comes to the resident side of things in Smart Parking.

Starting with a visual update

The change regroups multiple pieces of information that are related to residents and present them in a single window that can be filtered by tabs. Property manages will no longer need to search all over the App to find a resident’s vehicle information, their unit #, active passes and such. The following items are now available in this section:

  • Resident Information and Status
  • List of Vehicles
  • Visitor and Monthly Passes (past and active)
  • Warnings and Citations that were issued to this resident
  • If they appear on a BAN or VIP list

NEW: Choose the amount of vehicles allowed per resident

To help with the changing rules at every different property, we now let the property manager choose how many vehicles is allowed per resident at their site or for specific residents. Find this option in your site information tab and set the amount of vehicles allowed per resident.

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