Feature Update

Search Parkers and Parker Lookup has been a feature in Smart Parking for quite some time. Property managers love to have the ability to quickly find information about a plate or a vehicle that is parked in their lot. In the past, only information about visitor passes would show in the results. Now, searching for a Parker using any 1 search criterion will yield not only visitor or monthly pass information, but also show if they are on a VIP or Ban list. Additionally, searching will show if the parker has had any citations or warnings in the past.

Plate Lookup / Search Parkers Feature

Consult history details

While search can now reveal a list of past history, the property manager can also choose any of the results and consult it`s history details. For example, you could see when the parker obtained a visitor pass in your lot, complete with date, time and additional information. Citations can be consulted to determine when the parker received warnings and citations in the lot. This is especially useful to enforcement officers who deal with a strike-based system at a certain site, where if someone receives let’s say 3 warnings, the next one will be a citation.

Pass history Smart Parking

Why the plate lookup / Search Parker is important to property managers

Property Managers deal with all sorts of issues in their parking lot. When we meet with new property managers to discuss their pain points, parking is always in the top 3 of their list. The parking lot sees a lot of in-and-out and depending on the location, can see a lot of outside visitors who are seeking to use your parking to avoid parking fees nearby. With the search parkers feature, property managers can easily run a plate for a vehicle that may seem out of place, is causing issues or that is parked in the wrong area. This gives the property manager valuable information to make the the right decision for the situation:

  • Have a conversation with the owner or tenant if the vehicle belongs to them
  • Add the vehicle to a ban list
  • See that the vehicle has properly registered or is on a VIP list
  • Contact enforcement with more information to provide to the parking officer
  • Ease their mind about a vehicle that may seem suspicious


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