Our March feature update is finally live, and now, Smart Parking users can benefit from the integration of coupon codes and discounts.

How does it work?

Property managers and commercial property managers can now navigate to the coupon management section inside their dashboard. From there, the list of active codes can be seen and edited, while new codes can be created. We offer the ooption to choose from a percentage discount (%) or a flat amount discount ($). Additionally, expiry options are available along with the number of times the codes can be used. These coupons can be sent by email or printed to hand to customers.

How is this feature helpful?

Property managers everywhere can benefit from this new coupon feature by allowing customers to use discount codes at registration. Some popular case scenarios include:

  • Giving discounts / free parking coupons for property showings
  • Allowing commercial businesses to give customers discounts if Smart Parking is installed in a shopping area/strip mall/shopping centre
  • As a courtesy when customers have to come park when they otherwise would not need to (Item pickup, loading area, deliveries, etc.)

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